Lady Gaga is known for many things including her catchy song lyrics and high energy performances both on and off the concert stage. Gaga is also known for her unique fashion sense.
Many of the costumes and matching accessories that the pop singer wears on stage were actually designed by Gaga herself, sometimes to correspond with specific performances. Her outfits range from simple catsuits to beautiful gowns to the outright eccentric, such as the dress and accessories that she wore when taking stage at the MTV Video Music Awards last September. The dress was made of a bodice and boots, covered in fashioned layers of fresh meat cuts. Other unique dresses include the see-through bubble dress, that featured carefully placed plastic bubbles.
Other Gaga dresses and stage costumes that are unique, but not quite as “out there” include a set of dresses that featured origami like designs, as well as the Armani dress that she sported at the 2010 Grammy Awards ceremony. The Armani dress was best described by US Magazine as being a “silk, orb-like dress.”
Lady Gaga is also known for her equally as interesting skirts, shoes and boots, hats, wigs, gloves, and glasses, as well as some of her interesting makeup takes, like that seen in the video for her hit song “Born This Way.” Many fashion companies and independent designers closely follow Gaga’s fashion for inspiration or to supply knock-off designs.
The amount of press coverage that Gaga receives from the news media as well as members of the Paparazzi in addition to Twitter and search engine trends provide evidence that her designs are coveted and in-demand by the public. Those wishing to find suppliers of Gaga style fashions can find numerous fashion houses, retail chains, and independent boutiques that cater just to diehard fans!

Meat dresses, lobster hats, leather corsets, rubber gowns… Lady Gaga’s penchant for the outrageous and the unusual is so great that her music has at times been almost eclipsed by her headline-grabbing outfits.
Many were made bespoke under the sobriquet House Of Gaga and in partnership with close friend and stylist Nicola Formichetti, who called Gaga’s approach to fashion ‘fresh’. ‘Me and Gaga, our motto is ‘f*** fashion’ because we love it so much we want to destroy it and start again and keep it fresh.’
Given this desire to push sartorial boundaries, it was only a matter of time before Gaga poured that flair into a collection of her own.
Surprisingly though, the line will not be designed alongside Nicola Formichetti.
Instead, Lady Gaga is teaming up with her younger sister, Natali Germanotta, 19, a fledgling fashion designer who has just completed her first year studying fashion design at Parsons The New School for Design in New York.
The two have worked together before, with Natali making a cameo appearance as a prison inmate in Gaga’s 2010 video for the hit Telephone.
Despite friends saying Natali is ‘even edgier’ than Lady Gaga, the collection will be ‘relatively normal and wearable,’ according to Grazia magazine.
‘Gaga came up with the idea of remodelling the styles of classic icons from the past, for example Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Katharine Hepburn,’ a source told the magazine.
‘Natali loved the idea and she’s coming up with a slew of design options but, of course, everything will have their own iconic twist on it.’
Rumoured to feature in the collection is a rubber version of Marilyn Monroe’s white halterneck dress from Some Like It Hot, and the iconic black Audrey Hepburn shift, redesigned with a plunging neckline.
While there has been no official confirmation of the collaboration, Formichetti has hinted at the upcoming project on Twitter, saying Natali is set to become ‘a big player’ in the fashion world.
If the collection is indeed as wearable as reports suggest, the toned-down approach could suit Lady Gaga given her current incarnation.
Since forming a friendship with Versace matriarch Donatella Versace, the singer’s style has become altogether more ladylike of late.

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