“The Bling Ring” actress talks about her closet and Paris Hilton’s extravagance.
In a world where celebs sometimes change clothes half a dozen times in a day, it’s hard to believe that one of the biggest stars in the business owns fewer than a dozen pairs of shoes.
But, that’s what Bling Ring star Emma Watson is claiming. “I’ve got about eight pairs of shoes and that’s it,” the British beauty said in an interview with Radio Times, where she discussed the excess in Paris Hilton’s closet.

Emma Watson and her fashion
Emma Watson.


Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger was a very practical girl and it looks as if Emma Watson takes after her breakout character.
The British actress attempted to separate herself form the materialistic character she portrays in The Bling Ring during an interview with the Radio Times.
“I’ve got about eight pairs of shoes and that’s it,” Watson stated. “But it’s easy for me to sound like a total hypocrite because, of course, I’m dressed in designer clothes right now.”
In her latest film Watson plays a kleptomaniac fashonista who raids Paris Hilton’s home in an effort to obtain high-end clothing. When filming, The Bling Ring cast was actually inside Hilton’s home.
“She could never wear all of those clothes and half of them were brand new and still had the price tag on,” the 23-year-old said of Paris Hilton’s clothing collection. “But I suppose she just bought them to have them. We’ve all bought things on impulse, but that’s an entirely different thing.”
Watson realizes that much of what makes a ‘celebrity’ today has to do more with money and looks than it does with talent on screen.
“There’s a whole new definition to celebrity now,” Watson told the Radio Times. “And I think that’s why you see a lot of actors blanching at being associated with that word ”celebrity” because it’s become something that isn’t really associated with having a craft.”
The Bling Ring is currently in theaters.

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