While her pop compatriots are swathed in leopard print, perfume and nothing at all, Lady Gaga has stepped out in some pretty head-scratching ensembles leading up to her ARTPOP album drop. On anyone else, these fashion forays could be seen as faux pas, but on Gaga, the things that make you go “hmmm” are instead the things that make you go “awwww.”

Lady Gaga's 4 looks

Lady Gaga.



Mother Monster’s November 11 album release is mere days away, and to celebrate the coming of new tunes, MTV News has gathered together four of Lady Gaga’s most out-there looks over the past few months — looks that would render anyone else a major mood killer, but that Mother Monster somehow manages to pull off.

1. Gaga Gets Hairy
It looks like Gaga was seeking some sort of protection for “the gorgeousness of my face” with this furry triangular mask and gold beak from the Charlie Le Mindu Fall 2013 Haute Coiffure collection.
We know we should probably be freaked out by her Chex Mix-esque mask — its sightless eyes staring in the blackness of the abyss — but something about this whole getup is oddly alluring. Perhaps it’s just because Gaga just looks so damn cuddly. Mother Monster? Try Mother Hen.

2. Hello, Dali!
Most woman would be loathe to sport a mustache, but Gaga did so with pride at a recent ARTPOP listening party at the Berghain Club in Berlin. She might not have been “born this way,” but we’re digging her stiff — and bristly — upper lip.

3. Daring Dentures
In 2009′s Fame Monster track “Teeth,” Lady Gaga equates chompers with “oral sex” and “the truth,” she told MTV News at the time, explaining, “I think that for a long time in my life I replaced sex with the truth … You hide in the physicality of a relationship.”
In the single artwork for the ARTPOP track “Dope,” however, Gaga bares a whole new set of not-so-pearly whites: a grill that resembles something that we might find in the mouth of a haunted scarecrow.
We’d love to know what kind of physical relationship these teeth represent, Gaga. Although we’re almost afraid to ask. Almost.

4. Boxing Day
Not everyone is in the habit of looking sexy when attired like a nun, but Gaga pulled off just that during her VMA performance of “Applause.”

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