Looks like we have a case of the catwalk curse.
Not one, not two, but three models fell at the Seccry Hu Sheguang fashion show during China Fashion Week on Sunday.

Three models fall down on the China Fashion Week

Three models fall down.

Sure, the occasional runway tumble isn’t that uncommon—but three spills during one show? That’s a little extreme. Was the catwalk cursed!?
Um yeah, probably not. The fact that the runway turned into a game of human dominos really isn’t that surprising considering the models were wearing 7 and 8-inch platform heels.
Yup, you read that right—8 inches! And it’s not like these tall, reedy models have a particularly low center of gravity to begin with. Stick ‘em in a pair of lethal platform heels, and boom! Down they go.
One model in a sheer checkered dress managed to catch herself before she face-planted, and another model in a bright red wig and towering wire sculpture hat tripped and fell to her knees.
But the winner for best fall goes to the model in a red leather bodysuit. She strutted the runway carrying a long flowing shawl, which of course got caught up in her platform stilettos…and you can guess what happened next. She ate it. Ouch.
And even though falling models has a funny, slapstick quality to it, tripping on the runway can actually be pretty serious and end in broken bones. Luckily that wasn’t the case this time around.
We love that these models are total pros. After tumbling to the ground like a Jenga game, each model gathered herself, stood up and finished walking the runway. The show always goes on!

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