What’s up? Are you all ready for Fashion Week?
So listen, I spent the weekend catching up on your hefty September issues, and I must say I felt a little let down. Baffled, even. But I’m sure you won’t mind a few quibbles from a regular old reader, now that you all are doing so well in ad pages again. (Nothing says success like the words “biggest issue ever” on a cover, eh, Harper’s Bazaar?)

September Fashion Magazines 2013

September Fashion Magazines.

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Henry Mae Robinson Mitchell’s name should have been in Webster’s dictionary next to the word “survivor.” She was snatched from the brink of death so many times that she actually gave that word a new definition.

Fashion industry employee Henry Mae Robinson Mitchell

Henry Mae Robinson Mitchell.

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Whoa indeed, Sara, whoa indeed. Truly, our grandchildren will one day crawl on to our laps and whisper, eyes open wide with elfin amazement: “Was it true you lived through the great Beyonce haircut, grandmama/papa?” And we will smile down at them, a twinkle in our octogenarian eyes, and say: “Indeed I did, little one. Here, have a Werther’s Original while I tell you all about it.”

Beyoncé's new haircut in short style

Beyoncé’s new haircut.

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After several delays, Swedish budget fashion chain Hennes & Mauritz AB on Thursday launched its online sales operations in the United States.

H&M opens U.S. online store

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As Tropical Storm Chantal created quite a stir in the Eastern Caribbean, so two were the organisers of The Collection MoDA who had their hands quite full as they prepared to stage another fabulous showcase of Jamaican culture fused with international and regional flair.

Fashion seminar MoDA
Fashion seminar.

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Amanda Bynes rolled into a New York courtroom today dressed more for a rave than a court hearing — sporting an aqua-colored wig, sweatpants, a tank top … and sneakers!
… and no one was surprised.

Fashion disaster Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes.

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“The Bling Ring” actress talks about her closet and Paris Hilton’s extravagance.
In a world where celebs sometimes change clothes half a dozen times in a day, it’s hard to believe that one of the biggest stars in the business owns fewer than a dozen pairs of shoes.
But, that’s what Bling Ring star Emma Watson is claiming. “I’ve got about eight pairs of shoes and that’s it,” the British beauty said in an interview with Radio Times, where she discussed the excess in Paris Hilton’s closet.

Emma Watson and her fashion
Emma Watson.

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Robbie Spencer has put bugs and butterflies on models’ faces and sticky food on their bodies. He has dressed nonagenarian Iris Apfel in bold, floral print coats from Comme des Garcons and transformed Daniel Radcliff into a zombie.
Along the way, the 29-year old stylist, who was recently appointed fashion director at influential youth culture magazine Dazed & Confused, has helped to create some of fashion’s most striking editorial imagery for the likes of Vogue Italia, Vogue Hommes International, AnOther, V and The New York Times T, as well as working with brands including Topman, Diesel Black Gold, Neil Barrett and Raf Simons.

Robbie Spencer - fashion director
Robbie Spencer.

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After drawing raves for creating Michelle Obama’s inaugural ensemble, designer Thom Browne took home the menswear designer of the year award.
They say birds of a feather flock together, and even though the feathers — from skirts, bags and a sky-high headband — were flying at the CFDA Awards on Monday, no two people or outfits were alike.

The year's top fashion awards
Top fashion awards.

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What’s not to love about hot male fashion designers? They’re rich, they’re famous, and they love clothes more than us! FashionTV take a look at the designers who also enjoy moments in front of the camera, as we celebrate the top 5 most gorgeous men in fashion!

5 most gorgeous fashion designers
Marc Jacobs.

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