Beyonce is claimed to have kept the audience at her London Fashion Week catwalk show waiting for 45 minutes as she waited in vain for her showbiz mate Gwyneth Paltrow to show up.
But at least the R&B queen may have been heartened to see such big hitters as – ahem – the Faiers sisters from TOWIE, Rachel Stevens and Paloma Faith in the crowd.
The Sun reports that pregnant Beyonce kept pushing back the start time of her House of Dereon (search us) event in the hope that Gwynnie would burst through the door – but to no avail.
A source was quoted as saying: “Beyonce halted the whole thing because she thought Gwyneth was about to arrive.
“She kept calling her but she didn’t show. People couldn’t wait any longer and they had to get on with it.
“Beyonce wasn’t angry. She was just disappointed.”
But she clearly got over it quickly enough, judging by the big grin on her face as she took the applause at the end of the catwalk show.

Beyonce Knowles and her fashion collection
Beyonce Knowles.

Beyonce Knowles says her clothing line is more than just a brand.
The stunning songstress, who is a renowned fashion lover, created House of Dereon with her mother Tina Knowles in 2005.
The collection has two upcoming international campaigns, and is going from strength to strength, with Beyonce and Tina showing the new line at London Fashion Week over the weekend.
Beyonce claims that the pieces represent her family and are very close to her heart.
“It is not this strange battle between mother and daughter like people expect,” she said during an interview on British TV show Lorraine.
“My mother has been designing for Destiny’s Child and myself since we first started out. It comes from three generations of style and it’s not just a brand it’s our life. My grandmother used to sew beautiful garments for my mother and she did the same for me.”
Beyonce also spoke about some of her iconic past outfits. The pregnant star admitted that it is hard to predict what will become a legendary look, but insisted that the best ideas come from the heart.
“Sometimes you don’t plan for it to become iconic,” she explained. “Something like the Single Ladies bodysuits, those black one shouldered bodysuits, my mother designed and she actually made those the night before.
“She stayed up all night because I said, ‘I want black bodysuits because I want women to all be able to go to the store and find something similar.’ As long as it’s from your heart and you believe in it, then it usually becomes iconic.”
Tina also had some insights into the partnership between her and Beyonce. She admitted that her daughter’s eclectic wardrobe provides a lot of inspiration for the brand.
“Beyonce gets to travel all around the world and bring back beautiful fashions. She tells us what is going on, what’s new. So we definitely depend on her a lot. We raid her closet!” she smiled.

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