Louis Vuitton released the real Michael Phelps for Louis Vuitton ad after a photo claiming to be from the campaign was leaked last week.
Last week a photo was leaked that claimed to be a shot from the Michael Phelps for Louis Vuitton Ad campaign. However, Louis Vuitton’s public relations officer confirmed to Elle.com that the picture was not the official ones and has now released the real photo.

Michael Phelps starts his fashion career
Michael Phelps.

In the leaked photo which claimed to be shot by Annie Leibovitz, Phelps is submerged in a tub of water (of course) wearing nothing but a black speedo and goggles. If you took notice, there’s actually a LV product in the ad – the Olympic swimmer grabs most attention as he stares sultrily at the camera. Atop a towel lies a Louis Vuitton bag packed with clothing.
The official photo features Phelps in a dapper suit sitting in conversation with Ukrainian Olympic gymnast, Larisa Latynina. The classy pair lounge in a refined living room, sipping tea, with Phelps’s LV monogram bag lying on the carpet. Leibovitz shot the photograph with the caption, “Two extraordinary journeys. Just one way to get there.”
Phelps ended his Olympic career last week being the world’s most decorated Olympian with a record of 22 medals. The 27-year-old athlete is set to attempt another sport – golf.
“I have traveled the world through swimming, but really haven’t had an opportunity to experience the world through my travels,” Phelps said in a statement. “As I enter this next chapter of my life, I think I will be able to shift my competitiveness to anything I put my mind to and golf is one of the things I want to focus on.”
The Olympic medalist’s journey into his new venture will be televised on the Golf Channel’s reality show “The Haney Project.” Sorry Ryan Lochte, but Phelps beat you to reality TV too.
Phelps made history after winning the 2000m individual medley in the 2012 London Olympics becoming the first man to ever win an individual event at three consecutive games.
Phelps beat Ryan Lochte, who took silver in the race. Lotche also came in third place in the 200 backstroke. Lochte’s silver and bronze brought his career total to 11. Phelps has the most among American men. If Phelps actually retires after the Olympic Games, as he said he would, he and Lohte will never race again.

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