With the 2012 American Music Awards just hours away, the buzz is high surrounding this year’s event–from the anticipation of Stevie Wonder’s musical tribute to the late Dick Clark and Taylor Swift’s slated performance, to the recent news of this year’s star-studded presenters.

Country Fashions at the 2012 American Music Awards
Garth Brooks at AMA 2012.

The Sunday, Nov. 18, event’s red-carpet arrivals, however, are also on the radar of many music fans, as are the fashion choices that this year’s attendees will don with style.
Country-star style,will undeniably be a big focus of the genre’s fans, as they–and the rest of the 40th-anniversary show’s viewers, tune in to the live broadcast today on ABC-TV from 8-11 p.m. (ET/PT).
Country music, after all, has some of the music world’s top fashionistas, and past AMA events have demonstrated these hit-makers’ unique sense of style, as illustrated by the fashion-meets-country artist-focused slideshow embedded herein.
Thus, with that in mind, Examiner.com asked some of today’s hippest and hottest of the genre–rising newcomer Lisa Matassa, Texas-born country artist Ricky Lynn Gregg, celebrity-photographer Bev Moser and Tobi Lee, the leggy and beautiful leader singer for country act Mustang Sally–to eye a few photos from previous AMA events and give their gut reactions, off-the-cuff feedback and thoughtful commentary regarding the fashion and style of some of the genre’s fan favorites.
The following is some of the “Fashion Police”-styled commentary these movers ‘n’ shakers provided, along with a brief description of the referenced fashion photo. So scroll through the featured slideshow here, if you haven’t already, and enjoy the fashion play-by-play of Gregg, Lee, Moser and Matassa.

Reba McEntire, with Meatloaf and Will Smith at the AMAs.
Bev Moser: “My eyes were not sure what to focus on: the long wrists of Meatloaf’s shirt (or blouse), the air-freshener, flowering neckline of Reba’s dress or the drawstring on Will’s pants. Now there is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen!
Ricky Lynn Gregg: “All I can say is … ‘Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia!’ hair (laughs).”

Carrie Underwood in an outfit that has been described by some as “sexed up.”
Tobi Lee: “Country music can be so emotional and deep that you feel like you have a certain bondage with it!”
Ricky Lynn Gregg: “It actually looks like she lost the bottom half of her dress somewhere.”
Lisa Matassa: “Carrie is such a natural beauty and this short jumper showcases her enviable legs! This girl could look great in a burlap bag!”
Bev Moser: “The metallic -mini is definitely ‘dated’ already; remember ‘The Partidge Family’? This makes me think of something they would have worn, including the platform shoes.

Keith Urban and wife Nicole Kidman arrive at the 2009 American Music Awards.
Lisa Matassa: “These two are up there with the best-looking couples of country music! I love how Keith’s tattoo peeks out from under his shirt and Nicole adds her own little edge with sheer strips across her gown.”

A bearded ‘n’ bleary-eyed Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill at the AMAs.
Tobi Lee: “This outfit should be considered foreplay. …Give to me your leather … take from me my lace!”
Bev Moser: “I applaud them for keeping it simple and real! They continue to be fashion icons when it comes to dressing for the occasion.”

Dolly Parton in a fitted ensemble at the 1976 AMAs.
Tobi Lee: “Somebody should have told her that the bra goes under the shirt not on the head!”
Bev Moser: “My initial draw on this photo is her eyelashes and how they mimic the pattern of the brads on here shirt (looks like a scarecrow). Then the scarf in her hair makes me think of the muscle woman on the cleaning-powder commercials from back in the day.”

Bow tie-sporting Garth Brooks, with longer locks and facial hair.
Ricky Lynn Gregg: “A slimmed down Garth, yes. But the wide lapels and off-color bow tie, not so much.”
Bev Moser: “It’s been so long since I saw GB with hair! I will give him kudos for keeping respect and attire together and dressing the part of an award-winning artist. Garth would look good in a burlap bag. … (sigh).”
Tobi Lee: “The only thing missing from this outfit is a razor and a shotgun!”

Jason Aldean and wife Jessica arrive at the 2010 AMA in black.
Lisa Matassa: “Both Jason and his wife look great in this picture. I love how her simple black dress complements his casual yet classy style.”

Shania Twain performing a medley of her hits.
Ricky Lynn Gregg: “Good stage outfit, digging the ’70s throw-back style, but the hairdo has to go.”
Lisa Matassa: “I’m a huge Shania Twain fan, and I don’t know many people that could pull off wearing a jumpsuit like this, but she rocks it!”
Bev Moser: “I see where Cher helped Shania pick out this outfit–a little Indian influence, with the color and fringe. Although Madonna obviously had input with the shiny bra. (This is) not a country fashion statement with this outfit.”

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