With New York fashion week and her seventh collection just around the corner, the uber-mum who said: “Maternity leave – what’s that?” is already back in circulation.
Victoria Beckham took a trip to an LA shopping centre with baby Harper Seven – allowing the family’s fans to get another look at the cutie.
Now eight weeks old, Harper is thriving. She has a thick head of hair, chubby cheeks and her mother’s nose.
Because of a painful back condition, the stylish designer has been advised to ditch her customary sky high Louboutins.
She is said to have suffered a slipped disc when expecting.
A couple of days earlier, the former Spice Girl was seen in six-inch heels, but by the weekend she’d wisely traded them in for some ballet pumps.
Victoria, 37, teamed them with a sassy black mini-dress that showed off her already enviable post-pregnancy figure.

Fashion of baby Beckham and Victoria
Victoria Beckham and her baby.

She successfully lost her baby weight and juggled finishing her seventh ready-to-wear collection with looking after her new baby, but friends say Victoria Beckham is sick with nerves about this week’s New York Fashion Week.
The former Spice Girl is unveiling her new collection this week at a Manhattan Hotel in front of the fashion industry’s most influential people. But, although Victoria has won critical acclaim for designing, one friend says she gets so nervous about mixing with the fashion set, who she secretly calls ‘the Mean Girls’ after the teen film of the same name, that she is dreading her launch.
And now she’s been told she can’t wear her trademark five inch heels because of a slipped disc she suffered when she gave birth to her daughter Harper by Caesarean section in July.
Her personal fashion dilemma is causing the new mum even more stress as she frantically tries to work out what she will wear in front of the most stylish women and men in the world and she’s told her pal she “can’t wait to get it over and done with.”
The friend reveals: “It’s not just that she can’t wear the shoes she wants to wear. Victoria is not that shallow, she knows she can wear heels for a few minutes and then slip into ballet flats. It’s not ideal though as she wanted to be on top of her game when she’s at fashion week.
“Mainly it’s the people she dreads. All the most fashionable people in the world gather and they make Victoria feel really uncomfortable.
“There is a kind of Mean Girls atmosphere and it reminds Victoria of her school days. She was never popular at school and suffered at the hands of bullies – she can’t help feeling that fashion week is like school.
“She knows she is good at designing and her clothes have been very well received but she knows they snigger about her behind her back because of her pop star past and she knows there are people who would love her to fail.
“David is really supportive of her but every season she gets that feeling of dread that she used to get before she went to school before she flies to New York.” – Sunday Life.

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