She hasn’t had a legitimate movie role in years, but a photo of Hollywood hellcat, Lindsay Lohan was worth enough for a fashion week shutterbug to lose his press credentials over.
The drama unfolded at last night’s Cynthia Rowley show when the puffy-lipped Lohan took her seat just before the lights went down. As the paparazzi were rushed away, one intrepid photographer sneaked from backstage and popped a few pictures of the washed up actress.
Before Lohan could shield herself from the flashes, a security guard pulled him away and ripped off his credentials before escorting him out as the crowd roared.
Rowley, for her part, showed solidarity with Lohan by pointing and smiling at the washed up star after taking her bow.

Lindsay Lohan at Fashion's Night Out
Lindsay Lohan.

With reports of a “credible” terror plot targeting New York on the anniversary weekend of the Sept. 11 attacks, the city that never sleeps took on a weary “Haven’t we been through this before?” attitude as the semi-annual parade of fashion switched into full gear on Friday.
It seemed harder to hail a cab to get to some out-of-the-way venues where designers were showing their spring/summer 2012 collections, the subway system was running much slower and traffic around Times Square and at Lincoln Center, where many of the shows are held this week, seemed much more quieter than usual.
Firefighters from around the nation, in T-shirts emblazoned with the name of their cities, seemed to be everywhere and more tourists than usual were lined up at the famous LOVE sculpture at the corner of 55th Street and Sixth Avenue to snap a photo — as if to say, indeed, in times like these, that’s all we really need.
It almost made me wonder if organizers should have switched dates this go-around?
But, as has often been uttered over the past decade, to change our lives is to give in to the terrorists. And there seemed to be a special symmetry in finding beauty on the runway this weekend. Spring styles are always more upbeat than fall, with a bright promise for the future, so the colorful fashions planned for spring/summer 2012 may prove to be a refreshing antidote to the funk the country seems to be in right now.
Leave it to Lindsay Lohan to add some levity to the somber surroundings of this fashion week. When she slipped into the Cynthia Rowley show at the Lincoln Center tents at the last second Friday night, a photographer jumped onto the runway to snap a photo. The rest of the large photo contingent, perhaps jealous of the scoop, booed loudly, then cheered as security officials ripped the credentials off the photog’s neck and escorted him out.
With white blond hair to her shoulders and oversized sunglasses, Lohan looked like a dead ringer for Donatella Versace. DeVille Jewelry founder and owner Liz Glanville, who is in New York for a fashion weekend with fellow Houstonian Raula Fyhr, was two rows behind Lohan and vows the blond locks were a wig. (Glanville was with her daughter, Ali Greenfield, who just joined Diane von Furstenberg in international retail sales.)
Although the trip was for pleasure, Glanville said she gets ideas for styles and colors of her jewelry collection from seeing what’s on the runway.
Rowley’s collection had a bit of a rocker chic vibe, with super-skinny jeans (leggings? jeggings?) and jackets in bold floral patterns, flirty dresses, vests in laser-cut patterns and shorts and dresses dripping in metallic gold, as were patchwork bags and gold-foil encrusted shoes. It was a fun collection that ended the evening on a high note.
At the Rowley show, I also caught up with Lucinda Loya, who had jetted to NewYork for a few days to huddle with reps from Versace and Escada before hosting two events in Houston next week featuring both design houses. She got the run of both stores to pick out outfits to wear to the Houston functions.
“I felt like (that classic scene from) Pretty Woman for two days,” she said.

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